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App May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered for MS Patients

07/22/2014 Comments

Soon doctors may need nothing more than their iPads to perform routine and specialized examinations. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation recently developed an app, which allows physicians to measure various tests given to MS patients. 

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Uncovering Hidden Potential in Your Existing Client Inventory

07/21/2014 Comments

All attorneys, regardless of their level of experience, should realize the importance of cultivating and fostering relationships with other attorneys. This holds especially true when it comes to referral relationships. Learning to understand the hidden potential which exists in your own inventory is one key to developing a flourishing network of long term referrals.

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Removing Disability Stigmas Through Fashion

07/17/2014 Comments

A purple cane and a petition are fueling Liz Jackson’s mission to make those with disabilities feel more comfortable. She’s started a petition to get retail giant J.Crew to sell stylish canes through its partner line In Good Company to help remove the stigma that surrounds assistive devices. 

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Shedding Light on Skin Cancer During UV Safety Month

07/09/2014 Comments

July is the month that invokes memories of trips to the shore, the feel of increasingly hot temperatures and the traditions for celebrating America’s birthday. It should also bring to mind the smell of sunscreen as July is UV Safety Month.

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Fourth of July Sparks Safety Concerns

07/02/2014 Comments

The fourth wouldn’t be complete without grills blazing, heaping servings of apple pie and Technicolor fireworks painting the sky, but these fiery holiday traditions can pose a danger to those in the pyrotechnic industry who create the celebratory displays we enjoy.

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Fourth Annual PTSD Awareness Day Provides Education About Disorder

06/27/2014 Comments

Today, June 27, 2014, marks the fourth annual Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, PTSD is a disorder that results from exposure to a traumatic event and includes symptoms from each of the four clusters: intrusion, avoidance, negative alterations in cognition and mood, and alterations in arousal and reactivity.

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OSHA Releases Game-Like Safety Training for Business Owners

06/24/2014 Comments

Safety isn’t taken lightly by business owners, but now it’s a game. With the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) new interactive training game, business owners can explore common safety hazards in manufacturing and construction industries, and learn about ways to reduce them.

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National Fall Prevention Stand-Down Aims to Lessen Work Injuries

06/05/2014 Comments

Tomorrow is the last day to join in a National Fall Prevention Stand-Down from June 2 -6 to help prevent falls in construction. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), in 2012 about 35 percent of fatalities were caused by falls from elevation. All of which were preventable by ensuring safety standards.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend from Pond Lehocky!

05/23/2014 Comments

After a long, snowy winter, Memorial Day Weekend is finally upon us, signifying the unofficial start to the summer. This weekend, we hope that you can break out the barbecues and have some fun in the sun. While we celebrate, let us all take a minute to reflect on what Memorial Day really stands for. On this day, we recognize that because of the men and women who gave their lives in service to our country, we are able to enjoy certain liberties and advantages.

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Good News for American Workers, Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee Will Be Re-established

05/22/2014 Comments

 The U.S. Department of Labor’s Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez recently announced that the charter of the Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee (“WPAC”) will be re-established.   WPAC advises the Department of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (“OSHA”) on ways to ensure the effectiveness, transparency, and protection of whistleblowers.  By continuing to obtain advice from worker advocates, labor experts, attorneys, and workers, WPAC will be able to further improve the regulations governing whistleblowing and the cooperative activities between OSHA and other government agencies. 

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