A building engineer injured his left knee while moving tables in his office building. He had previous issues with the same knee, but had been working without any difficulties for more than a decade. He was sent to treat with the employer’s panel and was immediately released to return to light duty work. He contacted the adjuster to get a second opinion. After meeting with the second specialist, the injured worker learned that he had a torn ACL and that he should not be working in any capacity. The specialist pulled the injured worker out of work and performed two surgeries on his left knee. The injured worker began receiving workers’ compensation benefits and called Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano because he felt he was not receiving the correct amount of wage loss benefits. He met with David Stern to go over his paperwork. Mr. Stern quickly noticed that the average weekly wage used by the insurance carrier was unacceptably low. Without having to file any petitions, Mr. Stern worked with the claims adjuster to reach a settlement in the amount of $119,700.00.

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