Soon doctors may need nothing more than their iPads to perform routine and specialized examinations. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation recently developed an app, which allows physicians to measure various tests given to MS patients. 


The app, called the Multiple Sclerosis Performance Test (MSPT), assesses an MS patient’s balance, walking speed, manual dexterity, visual function and cognition processing speed. The iPad is the only item needed to perform the multifunctional tests; it is strapped to the patient’s back to calculate walking speed and test balance, generates game-like activities to evaluate dexterity and cognition, and can be placed at the correct distance to check vision. 


The app then plots patients’ results on a chart to show their process. The information collected can also be entered into a clinical database for further analysis. The app could eventually allow MS patients to perform their own tests and eliminate the need to travel if that is an issue for them.  


To watch a demonstration of the app, click here


MS is a debilitating illness that can impact your quality of life. Any advancements in technology that are easily available are key to strengthening patient care. If you are an MS patient you may also be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Let Pond Lehocky help you receive the disability benefits you are entitled to by calling us today at 800-568-7500.

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