1. Plan ahead. Make a list and map your route to navigate the large crowds. Bring water and snacks. Wear layers to keep you warm in line and cool while you shop.
  2. Drive with caution. Be patient looking for parking. Don’t speed to an open spot as others will do the same. Watch for people and other cars before slowly backing out.
  3. Pack light, keep tight. Carry a small bag close to your body to avoid getting it caught on racks, shelves, people, etc. Keep your money in a zippered pocket. Better yet, ditch the bag and use pockets. Your shoulder will thank you.
  4. Leave children at home if possible. Shopping with children will not only slow you down, it puts them at risk of being trampled, lost or kidnapped. If you must bring them, be sure they know to seek a security guard or employee for help.
  5. It’s not a fight club. Don’t fight over an item. It’s not worth it. Yes, that Xbox might be on your favorite niece’s wishlist. no, that 75-inch LED SmartTV may never be that cheap again (it will be in a couple of years). Don’t risk your safety. If someone shoves you or reaches for the same item, let it go. Ask an employee if there are more or if it is available online.

Happy thanksgiving! Happy shopping!

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