Pond Lehocky’s Occupational Safety Series: 7 things all commercial fishing workers need to know

Posted on 25 September 2017

Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States.1 About 31,000 Americans are employed as fishers and related fishing workers, and they are subjected to hazardous working conditions, strenuous labor, long hours, and harsh weather. 2 Because there are limited seasons for catching particular kinds of fish, boats may go out despite unfavorable weather conditions, placing workers’ safety at risk.3

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Most Common Workplace Injuries, Statistics, and Tips For Accident Prevention

Posted on 20 June 2017

Workplace injuries can take many forms. They can happen by accident or through negligence, but oftentimes, it’s a combination of both. While Pennsylvania is a no-fault state for workers’ compensation, many injuries can be avoided with proper precaution.

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7 Tips for Grilling Safely this Memorial Day Weekend and All Summer Long

Posted on 24 May 2017

On Memorial Day, we honor those who fought and died to protect our country. Close family members and relatives gather together on this national holiday to appreciate the freedom we all can enjoy because of the sacrifices made every day by our armed forces.

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Keld Longshoremen

Pond Lehocky's Occupational Safety Series: 8 Things Longshore and Shipyard Workers Need to Know

Posted on 19 April 2017

Longshore and shipyard workers help keep America’s maritime industry running strong, but their jobs can be difficult and dangerous. In fact, according to OSHA’s statistics, the injury and accident rate of shipyard employees is more than twice that of construction and general industry workers.1

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Nick VA Blue Swoosh

Veterans Affairs Benefits and Workers' Compensation: What You Need to Know

Posted on 12 April 2017

By Nicholas Liermann, Esquire | Veterans Affairs Accredited

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