Disabled? Three Ways an Attorney Can Help You with Your Disability Claim

Filing a Social Security disability claim can be frustrating and confusing. Many disability applicants could greatly benefit from hiring a Social Security disability attorney to answer their questions, help them with paperwork, and provide legal representation at hearings. Here are three ways that a Social Security disability lawyer can help you throughout your claim:

  • Providing answers to all of your questions about the process. Limited staff and hours make it difficult for the Social Security Administration to provide timely answers to disability claimants with even simple questions. But with a Pond Lehocky disability attorney on your side, you will be in constant contact with our firm and receive quick answers to all of the questions that you may have.
  • Filing all paperwork and required documents before applicable deadlines. There are important, rigid deadlines throughout the disability claims process that must be met in order for your claim to be approved. Our firm will ensure that you provide all information required by the filing deadlines and that you appeal your claim (if necessary) in the limited window allowed.
  • Obtaining your medical records. It’s vital to the success of your claim that you have evidence of your disability when your case is reviewed by an Administrative Law Judge. Medical records of your disability are essential to proving your case and can be difficult to gather on your own. Our office can help you gather all of the records from your medical providers that you need to prove you are disabled.


These are merely a few ways that your claim can benefit from having an experienced Social Security disability attorney on your side. And with Pond Lehocky, you’ll never owe a fee unless we get money for you, so contact us today.

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