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Notice For: Anyone who has been injured in an accident.

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    Personal injury matters

    Every person has a duty to act reasonably and not put others in harm’s way by behaving in a manner that is inappropriately negligent or reckless given the circumstances they are in. When someone fails to meet that obligation and their actions cause a physical or emotional injury to another, the victim may be entitled to financial compensation for the harms they suffered.

    The most serious injuries — such as traumatic brain damage, the loss of a limb, or severe disfigurement — demand the most significant compensation because they can result in intense and lasting pain and a reduced quality of life.

    Common types of personal injury cases
    • Defective consumer and industrial products (household products, machinery)
    • Defective medical products (medical devices, medicines)
    • Slip and fall accidents
    • Public transportation incidents (SEPTA, PATCO)
    • Traffic accidents (cars, trucks, motorcycles)
    • Workplace injuries
    • Medical malpractice (birth injuries, missed diagnoses)
    • Food poisoning
    • Gun injuries
    • Toxic exposure (environmental contaminants)
    • Dog and animal attacks
    • Sports concussions
    • Theme park accidents
    Statute of limitations

    Every state has laws limiting how long an injured party can wait before filing a claim alleging a personal injury and requesting compensation.

    In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations is two years, with a few exceptions. One exception is if the injured individual was a minor when the event occurred, the clock doesn’t start (or toll) until they turn 18 years old. Also, in some medical malpractice cases, the statute doesn’t toll until the patient becomes aware (or reasonably should have become aware) of their injury.


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