It is possible to receive Social Security disability and workers’ compensation benefits at the same time. However, workers’ compensation and other public disability benefits may reduce Social Security disability benefits.

When someone is eligible for both workers’ compensation and Social Security disability benefits, the state may modify or “offset” the Social Security benefit. It can be beneficial to contact an attorney to see how workers’ compensation or other benefits could affect your Social Security disability payments. Importantly, reporting receipt of workers’ compensation is one of your responsibilities when receiving disability.

In addition, as Social Security disability payments are frequently insufficient to cover all of a person’s living expenses, it’s important to collect all the other benefits to which you may be entitled, and, if you are able, even try to supplement your income with part-time employment (but take care not to earn more than what would be considered substantial gainful activity by the Social Security Administration). Again, an attorney can be extremely helpful in advising the best course of action for you throughout your unique claim. Contact us to learn more about Social Security disability benefits and workers’ compensation.

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