Social Security Disability benefits are a lifesaver for some. Sometimes, and depending on the matter, the amount of time that passes from the initial application to the decision can be over a year. Thankfully, the Social Security Administration recognizes that a year is too long in some cases, and has taken steps to mitigate the process. The SSA recently adopted a large number of conditions to be included under the “Compassionate Allowances” umbrella, allowing applicants to receive benefits much sooner than usual.


This expedited decision process can immediately take the length from years to weeks. Individuals that qualify for Compassionate Allowances are those with a clear, identifiable disease or conditionsuch as certain cancers, brain disorders, autoimmune diseases and many other qualifying conditions. The Social Security Administration now recognizes 200 conditions as Compassionate Allowances and have granted benefits to hundreds of thousands of people in the past few years. Click here to learn more about Compassionate Allowances and read some FAQ’s.

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