One question we are often asked is whether the workers’ compensation insurance carrier or the employer is required to provide re-training once an injured worker can no longer perform the job he or she was doing when injured.  The simple answer to that question is no.  Nowhere in the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act does it state that the employer is to provide re-training or educational services to any injured worker.  What this means is that it is your responsibility to find some form of light duty job that you can perform with your current level of experience or enroll in an educational or vocational institution to be trained at something that is within your current physical capabilities.

There are many vocational training facilities in the Philadelphia area that can easily befound through an internet search.  In Pennsylvania, there is the “Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)” that provides vocation re-training in a variety of subject matters to people with injuries and/or disabilities.  Their link is and click “vocational rehabilitation.”  I would highly recommend that if you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits and do not have the physical capabilities of returning to your old job, you contact the OVR and begin discussions with them about what type of re-training would be suited for you and based upon your interests and prior experience.

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