This past Saturday, Minnesota Golden Gophers head coach Jerry Kill suffered a seizure mid-game while his football team was playing Western Illinois. Luckily, Kill was said to be “resting comfortably” after the incident, suffering no serious injuries, and the Gophers even went on to win the game.

For Kill, such episodes are unfortunately common. The Minnesota coach has experienced epileptic seizures during a game on two other separate occasions, with the last one occurring in October of last year. And during one week in September 2011, an onslaught of more than ten seizures forced him to stay away from the team. But despite his condition, he’s never missed a game’s start, and has built a solid overall winning record as a collegiate head coach at 139-89.

Jerry Kill’s ability to amass over one hundred wins as a coach despite battling recurring epileptic seizures is certainly impressive and even inspiring. Still, it’s clear that living with epilepsy can be extremely debilitating and interfere enormously with vital activities like work. While epilepsy can be controlled by medication in many, others are forced to contend with seizures that can occur without warning and lead to disastrous consequences. As a result, epilepsy destroys the ability of many to earn a living.

It is possible to receive Social Security Disability benefits for epilepsy if its effects are preventing you from working. To learn more, please contact us today; we’ll take the time to answer all of your questions about epilepsy and disability.

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