Well-known comedic actor Jim Carrey has made headlines recently not for an upcoming movie, but for a failure to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for employees at his art studio in New York. The  workers’ compensation board in that state has fined him $72,000 for a failure to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for all of 2012. Mr. Carrey has denied any wrongdoing and is blaming the issue on a clerical error, but the case will likely go to court if the fine is left unpaid.


As in New York, Pennsylvania workers’ compensation insurance is a mandatory requirement for employers in this state. Workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania is intended to provide an exclusive remedy to employers and employees while ensuring safer workplaces, prompt compensation for injuries and illnesses suffered on the job, and reduced litigation costs to all parties, as stated by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. Indeed, the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system is in place to ensure that all injured workers receive compensation rightly deserved for their work injuries.


Regardless of whether Jim Carrey was at fault, his case brings attention to the overarching importance of workers’ compensation insurance and its critical role in protecting today’s workforce. If you’ve been injured at work and need to collect workers’ compensation benefits, contact our attorneys today. We’ll guide you through the complex workers’ compensation process and help you get the benefits that you deserve for your injury.

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