The Legal Show with Bruce Grossinger, Tom Giordano & Drew Von Bargen

The Legal Show with Bruce Grossinger, Tom Giordano & Drew Von Bargen

On Wednesday, June 19th, a special “The Legal Show” edition of the “The Labor Show with JDoc and Krausey” premiered on WWDB Talk 860. The episode featured Pond Lehocky Giordano managing partner Tom Giordano along with Dr. Bruce Grossinger, an expert in regenerative medicine therapy, and Drew Von Bargen, a trial attorney at Soloff & Zervanos.

On disability law, third-party injury claims, and medical testimony

Over the course of the show, Mr. Giordano spoke to his area of expertise – Social Security disability and long term disability law – and how many workers don’t realize that they are paying into these disability funds with every paycheck. He also spoke about topics like the importance of meeting deadlines for filing for disability, dispelling the “90-day rule” myth (the belief that you have to work with a doctor approved by your employer within the first 90 days after a work injury), and how attorneys for workers’ comp and disability typically require no out-of-pocket fees.

Mr. Bargen weighed in on third party work injury and disability claims. If a worker is injured on the job by a third party – say, by a passing car or by faulty equipment manufactured by another company – they can file a third-party injury claim to recover damages from that party while still applying for workers’ compensation.

Dr. Grossinger highlighted the importance of medical testimony experienced with workers’ comp and disability cases. A doctor’s testimony will be weighed against the testimony of the employers’ insurers and can mean the difference between a workers’ claim being approved or not.

About The Labor Show

Since 2014, The Labor Show with JDoc and Krausey, hosted by Joe Dougherty Jr. of PhillyLabor and Joe Krause of Jakib Media, has been a significant platform for Philadelphia’s labor movement. Broadcast on WWDB AM 860 Talk Radio, the show offers an insider’s perspective on all things labor, featuring interviews with prominent figures and leaders in local and national labor, politics, and business.

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