The first-ever “Workers Stand for America Rally” is being planned for August 11th in Philadelphia.


The event, organized by the AFL-CIO, will allow unions and middle class workers to join together in signing the Second Bill of Rights, which focuses on giving all Americans the right to safe, gainful employment at a fair and livable wage, full participation in the electoral process, the right of freedom of association in the workplace (including the right to collectively bargain with their employer to improve wages, benefits and working conditions), the right to a quality education, and the right to a secure and healthy future by way of a baseline level of health care, unemployment insurance and retirement security.


On Aug. 11, the group will call on working people from all backgrounds to sign America’s Second Bill of Rights, which will be presented to delegates at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.  The message will be delivered to working families throughout America via various media platforms and call the attention of public officials.


For more information about this event, please visit:


Click on the video here to see how local Union Leaders are getting involved.

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