Recent PA workers’ compensation settlement amounts negotiated by Pond Lehocky attorneys include a $200,000 settlement for a union sprinkler fitter and a $160,000 payment to an injured utility worker.


Partner David F. Stern


David Stern Obtains $200,000 Pennsylvania Workers’ CompensationSettlement for Union Sprinkler Fitter

A union sprinkler fitter injured both of his knees as a result of falling in an underground pit. He had undergone a prior right knee ACL repair, but had never injured his left knee. His doctor recommended bilateral total knee replacements. In the absence of any litigation, David F. Stern obtained a workers’ compensation settlement amount of $200,000.00.


Jerry Lehocky Settles Utility Worker’s Pennsylvania Work Comp Case for $160,000

A utility worker injured his left shoulder as a result of constantly picking up tires as part of his job duties. He underwent two left shoulder procedures and received workers’ compensation benefits while he was out of work. He was released to return to work, but remained in significant pain. He contacted Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano, and partner Jerry Lehocky settled the case for $160,000.00.


Workers’ Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A claims adjuster developed bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of her job duties, which required her to type up to eight hours a day, over a five day work week. She underwent surgery and began receiving workers’ compensation benefits. She was released to light duty work and began receiving disciplinary warnings because she could not keep up with her job duties due to her pain. She eventually stopped working as a result of her ongoing pain. The injured worker met with Jerry M. Lehocky after the employer filed a petition to terminate her right to any benefits. In the course of the proceedings, Mr. Lehocky negotiated a settlement in the amount of $115,000.00.


Medical Technician Receives $135,000 in Compensation

A medical technician injured her right wrist and left arm while assisting a patient. She treated with panel doctors and had restrictions placed on her ability to work. While she was eventually released to full duty, she continued to have pain and weakness in her left arm. She returned to the panel doctor and underwent a series of injections. She was eventually taken out of work by the panel doctor, but the employer refused to pay any workers’ compensation benefits. She met with David F. Stern due to concerns about her financial security and future medical care. Mr. Stern settled the case for $135,000.00.


Union Truck Driver Gets $115,000 Workers’ Comp Settlement

A union truck driver injured his right shoulder while working in 2008. Years later, he injured his left shoulder while pulling a heavy skid. David F. Stern successfully negotiated a settlement in the amount of $115,000.00 for both dates of injury.

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