The fourth wouldn’t be complete without grills blazing, heaping servings of apple pie and Technicolor fireworks painting the sky, but these fiery holiday traditions can pose a danger to those in the pyrotechnic industry who create the celebratory displays we enjoy.


Last week, an explosion at a fireworks facility in Washington state killed one worker and injured two others, while another recent incident caused a worker to suffer fatal burns. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) urges employees in the fireworks and pyrotechnic industries to be conscious of the hazards from manufacturing, storing, transporting, displaying and selling fireworks for public presentations, especially in light of these two recent events.


OSHA offers downloadable safety posters that employers within these industries can post. They detail various precautions to take when handling fireworks and common solutions for the retail sales of fireworks and for creating fireworks displays. They can be found here. It also offers an educational video about safety in the manufacturing and retail sales of fireworks, which can he viewed here.


Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano wishes everyone a festive and safe Fourth of July, and we thank those who create the luminous shows we all enjoy. 

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