Pennsylvania’s Cash Assistance program will be ending July 31, 2012 due to the new state budget. General Assistance has been in place to help single people on welfare. If this affects you, please read the following information. Almost everyone will lose their cash assistance aside from the following:

  • Those who are pregnant
  • Those living with a child who is related to them
  • Those who are blind


Be sure to tell the welfare office if you qualify to keep General Assistance. Even if you are disabled and cannot work, you will lose your cash assistance. If you lose your cash assistance and have no income, you can still get $200 per month in food stamps. Also, be sure to have your doctor complete the Employability Assessment Form whenever the welfare office needs it to keep your Medical Assistance.


Appealing to the Welfare Office: If you receive notice from the Department of Public Welfare and they have made a mistake, complete the form on the back and return it. If you do not receive a notice, simply hand deliver an appeal to the welfare office or have it sent by certified mail and request a return receipt to your local county assistance office. TAKE ACTION!


To voice your opposition to this decision, contact Governor Corbett’s office, your local State Representatives or State Senators.

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