It’s long been known that poor or insufficient sleep can have negative health effects and contribute to conditions like obesity and diabetes. Now a new study shows that (not surprisingly) lack of sleep is a significant contributing factor to workplace injuries.


According to new research, people with sleep difficulties are at a 60 percent greater risk of being injured at work than those who are well rested. In fact, it’s been estimated that around 13 percent of work injuries are related to sleep deprivation. Notably, studies looking at the connection between lack of sleep and driving-related work injuries were excluded from this research, suggesting that the incidence of work injuries linked to poor sleep could be even higher.


It’s clear that sleep difficulties can lead to a wide range of problems both in and out of the workplace, and regular sufferers of sleep problems should consult their health care provider. If you have any questions about a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim, contact our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys today.

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