According to a recent article on, professional fishermen have the most dangerous job in America. The article compared the fatality rate per 100,000 workers of dozens of jobs, and fishermen topped the list at 121.2. Loggers and airplane pilots took second and third places with 102.4 and 57 fatalities per 100,000, respectively.


Whether or not your profession made the list, it’s clearly important to know any dangers associated with your job and be mindful of minimizing these risks. The article points out that most jobs on the list have become less dangerous in recent years thanks to safer practices and regulations designed to keep workers out of harm’s way. The trend toward maximizing job safety is clearly a positive one and has undeniably prevented innumerable workers from being injured at work, and let’s hope that this trend continues. Nevertheless, protecting those who suffer work injuries will always be important, and getting the injured the workers’ compensation they deserve will always be our top priority.

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