Threatening legislation for injured workers, House Bill 1800, defeated in Committee vote – but the fight is not over

House Bill 1800 defeated

This week, the Pennsylvania Labor and Industry Committee voted against the passage of House Bill 1800, which would severely limit injured workers’ ability to receive quality medical care.

House Bill 1800 aimed to impose “evidence-based medical treatment guidelines” for injuries, meaning that doctors would have to follow a specific course of treatment rather than rely on their own judgment as to what is best for injured workers.

Managing Partner Sam Pond expressed his deep appreciation to everyone who banded together with Pond Lehocky to fight this damaging legislation, but warns that the battle is not over yet.

“Thank you to all of our doctors, attorneys, unions and clients that helped us address this terrible legislation,” Sam said. “It is because of your support in the political arena that we were able to protect our clients and their livelihoods for another day. Remember, this is a war and more battles will need to be fought to ensure injured workers’ are protected under the law. We will continue to garner support and be even more prepared if House Bill 1800 tries to make its way into law again.”

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