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Pond Lehocky exec Shawn Lehocky discusses whether IT executives need tech degrees

Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano Chief Strategy Officer Shawn Lehocky was recently interviewed for a Nov. 21 article by The Enterprisers Project, an online trade publication for information technology business leaders. For the article, Lehocky and several other business leaders discussed whether Chief Information Officers need to have a technical degree anymore.

Lehocky, who earned an M.B.A. with a concentration in data analytics and a bachelor’s degree in economics, noted that his s lack of tech-related degree is actually a benefit in his role.

“I’m able to evaluate the firm’s tech needs more holistically and free of bias,” he said. “Because I wasn’t trained on specific principles, I haven’t felt as bound by one way of thinking or just one way of troubleshooting as I might have if I were to have studied a tech-related field in school.”

Lehocky stressed that the most important skills a CIO must possess are communication and critical thinking.

“It doesn’t matter how many tech-related degrees I have if I can’t communicate the impact my department has on the overall business,” he said.

“When I’m interviewing prospective team members, for example, I’m not as concerned about their background or experience,” Lehocky added. “I care most about their understanding of the business, how they break down problems, and how they can react and create solutions when technology is down.”

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The Enterprisers Project bills itself as “an online publication and community focused on connecting CIOs and senior IT leaders with the ‘who, what, and how’ of IT-driven business innovation.”

Shawn Lehocky earned his MBA from Drexel University and his bachelor’s in economics from Westminster College. In addition to his role as Pond Lehocky’s Chief Strategy Officer, he is also the CEO of LegalOps. LegalOps is a joint venture between Pond Lehocky and Brio Solutions that develops applications to integrate Litify, a cloud-based case management and business operations system, with other back-office solutions to ensure seamless connectivity among all the services a law firm uses.

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