Pond Lehocky Managing Partner Sam Pond featured in Legal Intelligencer article about federal oversight of state workers’ compensation programs

Managing Partner Sam Pond was featured in the recent The Legal Intelligencer article, “Federal Workers’ Comp Intervention Would Be ‘Troubling’ to Business.” The article discusses the recent U.S. Department of Labor report concerning the lack of federal oversight in workers’ compensation, which has always been the jurisdiction of the state since the inception of workers’ compensation programs in the first half of last century.

Sam stated that federal involvement is long overdue in a system that has eroded the true intention behind the Grand Bargain made by workers who gave up their right to sue when injured on the job in exchange for workers’ compensation.

Federal intervention to establish basic medical coverage and indemnity benefits would be welcomed and cut short the ongoing national erosion of workers’ compensation, which has manifested in trends such as opt-out provisions. Changes should include punitive damages for those who deliberately try to exploit the system and deny injured workers access to their rights.

“Something drastic is needed,” Sam said.

Read the full article here.

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