November marks National Epilepsy Awareness Month, an opportunity to both raise awareness about the devastating effects of epilepsy and reaffirm the commitment to ending the disease’s grip on sufferers everywhere. Purple is the color of epilepsy awareness, and many prominent local buildings and landmarks are “lighting up” to show support for the fight against epilepsy, including One Liberty Place and Two Liberty Place, The National Constitution Center, and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge (pictured on the right).


Epilepsy is a chronic disorder caused by unusual electrical activity in the brain. Surges of electrical signals trigger recurring seizures that can range from mild episodes to severe convulsions. Over 2 million Americans suffer from epilepsy. Occasions like National Epilepsy Awareness Month help bring the struggles of epilepsy sufferers to light and remind us of the importance of spreading awareness about the debilitating effects of this disease.


For the thousands of sufferers whose symptoms don’t respond to treatment, epilepsy can make performing everyday activities next to impossible, including work. If an individual’s condition meets the Social Security Administration’s criteria, it is possible to get Social Security Disability benefits for epilepsy.


Both Pond Lehocky Partner Thomas J. Giordano Jr. and CFO Bryan Reilly are on the board of directors of the Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania (EFEPA), an organization devoted to leading the fight to stop seizures, finding a cure, and overcoming challenges created by epilepsy. Additionally, Mr. Giordano often speaks about Social Security disability benefits and epilepsy to inform people of their rights; most recently, he delivered a presentation at an EFEPA-hosted seminar in Wilkes-Barre, PA, on November 16th.

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