By David F. Stern

Drivers, especially commercial truck drivers and delivery drivers, are workers that I see quite frequently for workers’ compensation claims. Injuries tend to result from the repetitive nature of the job, as well as motor vehicle accidents on the road. Additionally, many drivers must load and unload cargo and assist in the truck’s maintenance, which can also result in injury. All drivers should know the common types of on-the-job injuries for which they are at risk:

Injured truck drivers Infographic and workers’ compensation lawyer

1. Injuries from trucking accidents. In Pennsylvania alone, there were more than 6,500 tractor trailer accidents last year1. Truck accidents can leave drivers with permanent damage such as traumatic brain injuries,broken bones, sprained/strained muscles, herniated discs, scarring and more. Some accidents can even result in death. In some cases because of your motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible for additional compensation besides workers’ compensation, such as a separate claim against the negligent driver that caused the accident.

2. Injuries from loading and unloading trucks. The constant moving and lifting of heavy materials can cause back, neck, knee, hand, and shoulder injuries, and even heart attacks. There is also the danger of falling or tripping off the truck and loading docks while moving cargo. Drivers should use appropriate equipment to move heavy items when possible.

3. Injuries from driving long periods of time. Anyone who has been on a long car ride knows the aching pain that can develop from constant sitting. For drivers who sometimes spend more than 10 hours a day per day behind the wheel, pressure on the back and neck pain can develop easily.

4. Injuries from repetitive motions. The constant turning and gripping of the steering wheel can lead to carpal tunnel over time and the frequent use of brakes can cause chronic knee pain. If your job aggravates a condition or a condition develops over a long period of time because of your job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Remember, you cannot be fired if you report a work injury. It is in your best interest to report injuries or conditions related to your job as soon as they occur. Even if your company is not located in Pennsylvania, if you drive in Pennsylvania you may be entitled to collect workers’ compensation in this jurisdiction. Having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side will help you stand up to insurance companies that may deny benefits unfairly.

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