Back in August of 2012, a worker was killed after being run over by a pavement roller at an Export Fuel Co. facility. Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited the company with 18 safety violations as a subsequent result in this matter.


OSHA states that Export Fuel “failed to train its workers on the operation and maintenance of the pavement roller.” Some of the violations include fall and electric hazards, lack of energy control procedures and the company’s failure to train employees on safe exits when operating complex construction vehicles. These violations, among many others against Export Fuel, tallied up to $41,300 in penalty fines and leave the company only 15 days to comply.


As it is known, proper training and procedures that are set in place would not only prevent work injuries from occurring, but will save lives in unpredictable circumstances. OSHA regularly evaluates workplace safety and reminds employers it should be a number-one priority.



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