Tomorrow is the last day to join in a National Fall Prevention Stand-Down from June 2 -6 to help prevent falls in construction. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), in 2012 about 35 percent of fatalities were caused by falls from elevation. All of which were preventable by ensuring safety standards.


A stand-down is an event where employers discuss methods of preventing accidents and reducing hazards. OSHA, along with its partners, urges employers’ trade associations, federal, state and local governmental agencies, professional societies, institutes, and consumer/labor-management interest organizations, sub-and independent contractors to participate in stand-downs to prevent potential injury or death. Certificates of participation are available here upon completion of the stand-down.


OSHA also offers numerous fall prevention resources here that can be used to educate participants during the stand-down.


While injuries can be prevented, they still occur. Pond Lehocky believes that workers should be well-informed about ways to prevent falls and that this knowledge should be provided by the employer. If you are injured on the job because of a fall, Pond Lehocky is to help.  Call us today at 800-568-7500.

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