Partner David F. Stern recently taught a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course, “The Basics of Workers’ Compensation Law for Third Party Counsel,” at personal injury law firm Kline and Specter to an audience of twenty five attorneys.


Dave discussed the important nuances in workers’ compensation law that have a potential impact on third party personal injury cases.  He explained various impacts workers’ compensation litigation and settlements can have on the outcome of third party matters.  Dave went over Section 319 of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act that sets forth the Employer’s right to subrogation and strategies for workers’ compensation counsel and personal injury counsel to use together to get the best result for the injured worker.  Subrogation, by definition, is the Employer’s right to recover monies from the injured worker’s third party suit, based on how much was paid in the workers’ compensation matter.  It is a very complex set of laws and Dave lectured on some important strategy ideas.  Dave also discussed various exceptions in the law that may make a work injury compensable in Pennsylvania, despite initial facts that might lead personal injury counsel to believe otherwise.  Dave illustrated the various benefits available to an injured worker under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act.


There was a lengthy and engaging question and answer session.


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