On May 26, 2017, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania handed down a decision granting our firm’s appeal in a case involving an injured worker’s right to receive wage loss benefits and access to medical care under a judge-approved agreement, or “stipulation,” by both sides concerning the general nature of the injury.


Earlier in the month, Partner David Stern participated in an oral argument on this case before a three-judge panel in Philadelphia. The opportunity to argue before the Court is relatively rare as it is not granted in every case. It allows the judges to personally question the lawyers on both sides about the case at hand, and also about the greater legal issues in play. 


Here, the Court emphasized a condition that Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano works to ensure is part of every stipulation we make on behalf of our clients. The clause specifically preserves the worker’s right to have their injuries evaluated in greater depth down the road should it be necessary, such as when a generalized injury is later found to be more complex or serious than initially thought.


We are dedicated to working as hard as our clients do in order to protect their rights. Cases will be taken as far up the ladder as necessary in order to secure justice for injured workers. 


Click here to read the full decision. 

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