Partner Dave Stern was recently featured in the 33rd episode of Good Law | Bad Law, a legal podcast produced by Freiwald Law. In the episode, Dave talks with Managing Partner Aaron Freiwald, about topics such as insurance company bad faith, workers’ rights, defense medical exams (DMEs), and more.


Dave describes how insurance companies will use multiple techniques such as misdirection and stalling to prevent or delay payment for an injured worker’s medical care.


“When an injured worker calls their insurance company, sometimes they just get voicemail after voicemail,” Dave said. Although he acknowledges that there can be fraud on both sides, he notes that most often the insurance company is the perpetrator. 


“What we find is that there is far more fraud on the insurance company’s side than on the injured worker’s side,” said Dave in the podcast, noting a need to challenge the narrative about insurance fraud. “I can tell you that my firm is doing this and I hope others start doing more of it as well, just pushing back against the insurance companies.”


The YouTube channel Good Law | Bad Law is dedicated to everything legal. Every week they post Q/A videos, podcasts, highlight videos, and more to give viewers the best insight into how the law forms the stories we read about every day.


To watch the full episode of Good Law | Bad Law featuring Partner Dave Stern, click here.

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