Workers compensation in Pennsylvania is a benefit system intended to help workers who’ve suffered illness or injury on the job. In accordance with the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act, those hurt at work are entitled to appropriate compensation for their injuries.

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits provide for payments to cover a variety of expenses and losses, including:

  • Payment for medical expenses and treatment. Generally, this can include emergency care, follow-up treatment with doctors, physical rehabilitation visits, and even transportation expenses incurred as a result of the work injury or illness.
  • Payments for lost wages. Typically, recipients get two-thirds of their weekly wage, although lost wage payments can vary.
  • Specific loss payments. Specific loss benefits are intended to compensate an injured worker for a permanent loss of functionality, such as following amputation, severe disfigurement, or loss of vision or hearing.
  • Physical or vocational rehabilitation services. Participation in certain physical or vocational rehabilitation programs is covered under workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania.
  • Payment of benefits in case of death. In Pennsylvania, death benefits provide compensation for lost wages and, in applicable cases, a capped amount for funeral and burial expenses as well.

There’s little doubt that the workers’ compensation system can be very complicated and hard to understand. If you’ve been injured on the job, you could benefit greatly from hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to handle your claim. Contact us today; we’ll answer all of your questions about workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania.

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