Sam in Philadelphia Business Journal discussing House Bill 1800

Managing Partner Sam Pond’s letter to the editor of the Philadelphia Business Journal, “Workers’ comp ‘reform’ is really an attack on workers’ rights,” warns Pennsylvanians about proposed House Bill 1800. The bill, posing as a positive reform to workers’ compensation, would enforce guidelines that require doctors to follow a specific course of treatment – removing their professional judgment altogether. These sham reforms would return many workers, especially those in dangerous industries, to the dark days of the Industrial Revolution when little recourse existed for injured workers or their families.  

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House Bill 1800 could jeopardize injured workers’ right to receive quality healthcare from their own doctor. The bill would like to impose “evidence-based medical treatment guidelines” for injuries, meaning that doctors would have to follow a specific course of treatment rather than rely on their own judgement as to what is best for injured workers.

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