Pond Lehocky was a proud sponsor of the 2017 Julius Erving Golf Classic in support of the Salvation Army of Greater Philadelphia. The event took place at the Logan Hotel in Philadelphia, PA on September 10th, with related activities spanning the entire weekend. Local business leaders, athletes, and celebrities alike were in attendance to celebrate the achievements and legacy of Julius “Dr.J” Erving in the city of Philadelphia.


Partner Jerry Lehocky, CFO Bryan Reilly, and CSO Shawn Lehocky represented the firm at the Julius Erving Golf Classic. Shawn’s team was excited and honored to win the 2017 tournament.


erving golf classic 

 The Salvation Army of Greater Philadelphia, a local chapter of the Salvation Army USA, is dedicated to helping shelter, feed, and clothe the needy. Currently, the Salvation Army USA is focusing resources on hurricane relief response efforts in Florida, Puerto Rico, and elsewhere.


To learn more about the Salvation Army of Greater Philadelphia and how to get involved, please visit their website

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