Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano is not just Pennsylvania’s largest workers’ compensation and disability law firm anymore. It is a national law firm that can help with all your legal matters.

Once a regional firm with a niche practice, Pond Lehocky has expanded its reach nationwide while adding to its practice-area repertoire.

The Law Firm

Pond Lehocky is the law firm that:

  • Practices workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and California
  • Handles Social Security disability cases nationally
  • Assists with long-term disability claims
  • Practices employment law
  • Operates a national referral network with lawyers in all 50 states

Most importantly, Pond Lehocky is the law firm that puts clients first, always, no matter what they need.

Pond Lehocky offers a holistic approach to its clients. For instance, when you are injured, the Firm can help you get workers’ compensation; assist with Social Security and long-term disability benefits; handle any employment law issues; and if a third party caused your injury, determine if you have a personal injury case and refer the matter to a highly experienced lawyer.

As Pond Lehocky has built out its robust referral network of trusted and vetted lawyers nationwide, it became obvious that it had progressed beyond a specialty firm. It is now one that can ensure clients get the quality representation they deserve across a wide array of practice areas. The Pond Lehocky brand is now a national presence, known throughout the legal community in all 50 states.

National Scope, Same Mission

As Pond Lehocky has grown, it has striven not only to preserve the client experience but to improve on it constantly. It has also sought to cultivate the Firm’s culture and family atmosphere. 

One of Pond Lehocky’s core values is growth with integrity, meaning that the Firm promises to remain true to its mission and core values as it grows. Thus, even with the expanded scope and nationwide influence, Pond Lehocky aims to stay steadfast in the beliefs that brought it success.

Pond Lehocky’s mission is to provide client-centered service and advocacy at the highest professional level with exemplary litigation and trial techniques. In doing so, it has stressed the values of teamwork, diligence, persistence, empathy, consistent excellence, continual education, innovation with cutting-edge goals, and community engagement on local, national and global levels.

Those values have remained central during Pond Lehocky’s meteoric rise, providing the foundation for continued success and new challenges.

Pond Lehocky is no longer just a workers’ compensation and disability firm, it is The Law Firm.

Founded by partners Samuel Pond, Jerry Lehocky, David Stern and Thomas Giordano Jr., the law firm of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano opened its doors in Philadelphia of July 2010 with six attorneys and only 22 total staff members. Today, it boasts 12 office locations with more than 30 attorneys and 230 staff members nationwide.

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