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Divorce, child custody, paternity issues, domestic violence… family legal matters can be extremely emotional. It’s important to have a lawyer you trust: an impartial third party who knows the law and will help ensure the best outcome for everyone.


Consult a family lawyer for these issues and more:

  • Divorce and alimony – deciding to divorce, separation and annulment, property division and settlement
  • Child custody and support – joint vs. sole custody, visitation rights, child support enforcement, tax questions
  • Marriage and living together – eligibility requirements, money and property questions, name changes, common law marriage, prenuptial agreements
  • Domestic violence and child abuse – criminal charges, civil lawsuits, restraining orders, reporting of abuse or neglect
  • Adoption and foster care – open vs. closed adoption, same-sex adoption, international adoption, qualifying as a foster parent, kinship care
  • Reproductive rights – birth control, abortion, sex education in schools, state laws
  • Parental liability and child emancipation – responsibility for children’s actions, termination of parental rights, laws governing emancipation


A family attorney will thoroughly explain your legal rights and options, negotiate with the other party for you, prepare contracts and other legal documents, and represent you in court.


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