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As a veteran who has honored America with your service, you are entitled to a number of government, medical and educational benefits. But the process of applying for these benefits can be confusing and difficult; you may get turned down without understanding why. Sometimes it’s necessary to seek help getting what you deserve.

Here are a few benefits an attorney experienced in veterans’ issues can help you get:


Disability benefits

If you have a disability rating of 10% or more because of a service-related injury, you may qualify for monthly disability payments ranging anywhere from $100 to $3,000. To be eligible for disability benefits, you must have been honorably discharged, and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs will have to determine your disability rating.


VA pension program

The VA’s pension program is offered to qualifying veterans with a permanent disability or limited income who are unable to work.


Free or low-cost health care

Veterans are entitled to health care services at VA medical facilities. This includes hospital and outpatient care defined as “needed,” and is not limited to military injuries.


Education and career guidance

Returning to civilian life after service sometimes means additional education. Your service makes you eligible for the following resources:

  • The GI Bill helps eligible veterans cover the cost of getting an education, though these benefits must be used within 10-15 years after your last discharge.
  • The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program helps those with service-related disabilities train for a suitable job and learn to live independently.
  • The Education and Career Counseling Program provides career guidance as well as advice on how best to use your VA benefits.


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