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When debt gets out of hand and starts affecting your family and personal life, it’s time to think about declaring bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can help you settle your debts and allow for a fresh start. But how do you make the decision? Where do you begin?

Don’t try to go it alone

Bankruptcy and debt relief is a very complicated area of the law. Many factors come into play when selecting the correct type of bankruptcy to file – an individual versus a business, varying income levels or debt amounts. The procedures and paperwork surrounding bankruptcy can be extremely confusing.

Talking it over with a lawyer can help you:

  • Ensure that you’re eligible to file for bankruptcy
  • Learn about the bankruptcy process, including how it affects your personal life
  • Find out which debts can be erased and which cannot
  • Determine if your home is at risk
  • Determine if your 401K, IRA, or life insurance policies are at risk
  • Make sure any loan co-signers (such as family members) will not be held liable
  • Consider alternatives to bankruptcy, such as repayment programs and credit counseling services

Get a free consultation with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney

Understandably, you want relief from harassing creditors and feeling burdened with debt. But bankruptcy has its down side, including long-term damage to your credit rating. It’s important to have the expert guidance of a bankruptcy and debtor-creditor attorney before making the decision. Contact us now for a consultation at no charge.

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