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Contracts are a big part of doing business, but contract law can be confusing and many questions may arise. What exactly constitutes “breach of contract”? Should construction contracts be in writing? Can another party’s silence mean acceptance? Is an advertisement considered an offer?

Whether written or unwritten, a contract is legally binding. And contract problems can cause serious damage to your small business if handled incorrectly.

A business lawyer will help you prepare smart, legally defensible contracts including:

  • Sales Contracts
    • Bills of sale
    • Agreements
    • Purchase orders
    • Warranties
    • Security agreements
  • Employment Contracts
    • Agreements foremployees, independent contractors, consultants, distributors, and sales representatives
    • Non-compete, confidentiality, nondisclosure, and separation agreements
  • Leases
    • Real property
    • Equipment
  • General Business Contracts
    • Franchise agreements
    • Advertising agency agreements
    • Indemnity agreements
    • Covenants not to sue
    • Settlement agreements
    • Releases
    • Assignments of contract
    • Stock purchase agreements
    • Partnership agreements
    • Joint venture agreements
    • Agreements to sell a business

If you have a contract dispute with another party, a lawyer can resolve it. Whether it’s a disagreement over terms, or one side is delinquent in their responsibilities, a knowledgeable attorney will guide you through the mediation, arbitration, or lawsuit process.

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