Managing Partner Sam Pond discusses Pond Lehocky’s efforts to stop HB 1800 on Today in PhillyLabor

April 26, 2016

Sam co-host Today in Philly Labor

On his next Today in PhillyLabor radio segment, airing Wednesday April 27 at 1 p.m., Managing Partner Sam Pond will discuss the firm’s ongoing fight to prevent proposed HB 1800 from becoming law. HB 1800 is a true threat to the workers’ compensation system, one that would remove an individual doctor’s opinion from the care and treatment of injured workers. Sam will explain how you can help combat this impending legislation.  


Today in PhillyLabor is a weekly talk radio show that airs every Wednesday from noon to 2 p.m. throughout Philadelphia and the vicinity on WWDB 860AM. You can also listen to the live stream here. Hosted by Pat Eiding, president of Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO, Joe Dougherty Jr., of, and Joe Krause of Jakib Media, the show tackles labor related issues that affect working people every day, including workers’ rights, legislative issues and more.


What can you do right now?


Help us stop House Bill 1800


House Bill 1800 would jeopardize injured workers’ right to receive quality healthcare from their own doctor. The bill would impose "evidence-based medical treatment guidelines" for injuries, meaning that doctors would have to follow a specific course of treatment rather than rely on their own judgment as to what is best for injured workers.


Click here to sign our petition against H.B. 1800.

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