Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, an employer must render payment of any benefits awarded by judicial order within 30 days of the judicial decision. An employer who refuses to make such payments, without filing a petition and being granted relief from making payment, can be subject to penalties, under the Act.

David F. Stern won a Penalty Petition filed against an employer that refused to pay workers’ compensation benefits after winning a strongly contested claim petition at the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court level. While the employer appealed the Decision to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, it was not granted relief from making payment of benefits during the appeal period. In fact, the employer’s appeal was ultimately denied.


The Workers’ Compensation Judge was persuaded by Mr. Stern’s argument that the failure of the employer to pay workers’ compensation was a clear and deliberate violation of the Act. In doing so, the Workers’ Compensation Judge awarded the injured worker a penalty on all past-due wage loss benefits.

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