Several workers from the Paulsboro Marine Terminal were sent to a local Paulsboro hospital to be treated for the inhalation of vinyl chloride when 25,000 gallons of the chemical were released during a train derailment last Friday. 84 cars and four tankers fell into Mantua Creek as the train attempted to cross a bridge after deliberating with dispatchers over continuing against a red signal. Though the workers, in addition to more than 70 residents who were sent to the hospital to be treated for chemical inhalation, were released early Saturday, they are still in a position to consider this a work injury if they face complications. According to authorities, the train was facing a red signal in a spot where there was usually a green signal and after several attempts to correct the signal with no luck, the train decided to pursue its route nonetheless.  Had the conductor and dispatcher heeded the warnings, they would have stopped the derailment. No situation is worth the risk of a potential work injury!

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