In recognition of Eye Injury Prevention Month, here are some tips to ensure eye safety while you’re on the job:

1. Identify workplace hazards: conduct a safety walk-through of your work area to identify areas and items that pose a risk, such as flying or falling objects, chemicals, and dangerous work equipment or objects.

2. Use appropriate eyewear: use eyewear that protects against the specific hazards that you can expect to encounter in your workplace and make sure that eyewear is properly fitted.

3. Regular training: participate in eye safety training to get educated about injury statistics and workplace hazards and to learn about the proper use and care of eye protective wear.

4. Remove ineffective eyewear: get rid of eyewear that is damaged, scratched, or uncomfortable, since you’re less likely to use such equipment.

5. Read Safety Signs: be aware of signs posted in the workplace that identify workplace hazards, the need to use protective eyewear, and that provide instructions about what to do in case of an emergency.

6. Be Aware of Emergency Treatment Options: be familiar with where eyewash stations are located in your workplace along with first aid supplies, such as eye wash, eye drops and gauze.

These simple tips can help promote eye safety while you work. If you have concerns, speak with your safety manager to implement programs to help promote eye safety in your workplace.

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