This week, the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced 25 new conditions that will be included in its Compassionate Allowances Program. Among the new conditions are a dozen cancers, as well as disorders that affect the digestive, neurological, immune, and multiple body systems. The additions bring the total number of Compassionate Allowances Conditions to 225.


The Compassionate Allowances program identifies claims where the applicant’s disease or condition clearly meets Social Security’s statutory standard for disability. The goal of the program is to expedite disability decisions for Americans with the most serious disabilities to ensure that they receive their benefit decisions within days instead of months or years. According to the SSA, almost 200,000 people with severe disabilities have been approved to date through this fast-track disability process.


The new Compassionate Allowances conditions are:

  • Angiosarcoma
  • Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor
  • Chronic Idiopathic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction
  • Coffin- Lowry Syndrome
  • Esthesioneuroblastoma
  • Giant Axonal Neuropathy
  • Hoyeaal-Hreidarsson Syndrome
  • Intracranial Hemangiopericytoma
  • Joubert Syndrome
  • Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis
  • Liposarcoma- metastatic or recurrent
  • Malignant Ectomesenchymoma
  • Malignant Renal Rhabdoid Tumor
  • Marshall-Smith Syndrome
  • Oligodendroglioma Brain Tumor- Grade III
  • Pallister-Killian Syndrome
  • Progressive Bulbar Palsy
  • Prostate Cancer – Hormone Refractory Disease – or with visceral metastases
  • Revesz Syndrome
  • Seckel Syndrome
  • Sjogren-Larsson Syndrome
  • Small Cell Cancer of the Thymus
  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma- with distant metastases or recurrent
  • X-Linked Lymphoproliferative Disease
  • X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy

For more information about the Compassionate Allowances Program, including a list of all of the conditions, you can visit Additionally, you can always contact us with any questions about a Social Security disability claim.

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