The details of workers’ compensation claims vary from case to case, but one common thread among them is that injuries sustained by workers are severe enough to keep them from performing their routine job duties. To ensure that each claimant is being completely truthful with his or her claim, insurance companies will often send investigators to observe the daily behavior of the injured worker. If the investigator finds that a construction worker who has injured his hand on the job is operating machinery on a job site after filing a claim, for example, some serious consequences could result.


As a result, it is standard that all cases are subject to investigation. In our What To Expect: Your Workers’ Compensation Case video, we caution workers’ compensation claimants that insurance companies may hire private investigators to monitor your activity. Even something that seems harmless, like posting a photo to a social media site, can be taken out of context and used against you, so it is best to use caution at all times. For more information on surveillance by insurance companies, and all other matters related to a workers’ compensation case, watch our What to Expect video.

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