If you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits chances are that the insurance company has hired a private investigator to conduct surveillance (sit outside your home in a car or van with tinted windows and take movies of you once you leave your front door).  Although this is a form of harassment, it is legal.  Any thing you do in public and this now includes anything you post to a social media network (words, photos or videos) is fair game for you to be cross examined at some point in the litigation process.  Being on workers’ compensation benefits does not mean however, that you have to sit in your home and stop living.  It is perfectly advisable that you continue to live your life and act within your restrictions as set forth by your doctor.  That may include taking walks, running household errands, etc.  What the carriers are primarily interested in is whether you are working and collecting total disability benefits at the same time.  This is fraud.  This kind activity could potentially result in you going to jail.

The private investigator cannot look into your windows or enter your property without permission.  They are required to register with the local police department if they are going to conduct surveillance in your area.  If you see a strange car with tinted windows we would recommend that you contact your local police department and notify them of the fact that a car with tinted windows is sitting outside of your home causing concern for you and your family.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact anyone in our office at anytime to discuss what a private investigator can and cannot do.

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