Pond Lehocky Partner Thomas J. Giordano Jr. will be speaking to members of the MS Society tonight, November 12, in a Social Security Disability seminar. Mr. Giordano will be advising the attendees on guidelines set by the Social Security Administration that recognize MS as a chronic illness or impairment. He will be going over the types of Social Security Disability, debunking common social security disability myths, clarifying what it means to be disabled, and talking about how those living with MS may be able to qualify for benefits based on their medical history, work history, and Social Security application.


The MS Society advocates to improve research, quality of living, and legislation for people living with this impairment, and one way to do this is through constant education. As a chronic and often debilitating disease, multiple sclerosis attacks the central nervous system, often leading to the inability to work. Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano makes it a priority to provide education and insight to various local non-profit organizations on how SocialSecurity Disability benefits may be available to them in the form of seminars, lectures and other speaking engagements.


The seminar will take place at the MS Society’s Greater Delaware Valley Chapter located at the following address:


30 South 17th Street
Suite 800
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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