Attorney David Stern received a favorable decision from a Philadelphia area Workers’ Compensation Judge, which denied a Termination Petition filed by an employer. Mr. Stern has been representing the client since 2006, and has successfully defended against numerous petitions filed by the employer, including two prior termination petitions.

In a separate case, we successfully obtained workers’ compensation benefits for a driver who injured his low back while at work.

David Stern filed a Claim Petition after the injured worker was forced to stop working due to his low back injury. The injured worker underwent an independent medical examination, which recognized an work-related injury, but which found him to be fully recovered. The employer subsequently filed a Termination Petition.

A Workers’ Compensation Judge ultimately granted the Claim Petition and awarded both wage loss and medical benefits, dating back to April of 2009 and ongoing. The employer’s petition was both denied and dismissed.

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