There is no minimum age to begin receiving Social Security disability benefits. As long as you meet the strict Social Security definition of disability and you have worked long and recently enough under Social Security to earn the required number of work credits, you can receive benefits.


You can earn up to a maximum of four work credits each year. The number of work credits you need for Social Security disability benefits depends on your age when you become disabled. For example, if you are under age 24, you may qualify with as little as six credits. But people disabled at age 31 or older generally need between 20 and 40 credits, and some of the work must have been recent. For example, you would need to have worked five out of the past 10 years.


Eligibility requirements are different for Supplemental Security Income, which does not depend on work credits. To learn more, you can visit Social Security’s website at, or you can contact us with any questions that you may have.

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