Question: I’ve just been injured on the job. What should I do now?


Answer: It is extremely important to report your injury to your supervisor or employer immediately. Be sure to include the date, time, and circumstances of your injury. As long as you were not doing anything illegal, your injury will likely be covered by workers’ compensation, so do not hesitate to report it – even if you feel it may be your fault. Also, seek medical attention for your injury right away.


If you develop a job-related health condition that manifests over time (such as mesothelioma or a repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel syndrome), you should report the condition as soon as you receive a diagnosis and you learn that the condition is related to your employment. Be sure to get medical attention for your condition if necessary.


After you report your injury, you may want to consult an attorney to inform you of your rights and help you with a workers’ compensation claim. Serious work-related injuries or illnesses and the litigation process are all situations that generally require legal representation. If you have been injured, contracted a work-related illness, or believe that you have been treated unfairly, contact our firm today.

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