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Notice For: Parents whose premature infant was fed cow’s milk-based formula and developed digestive or stomach problems.

Pond Lehocky Giordano is investigating claims on behalf of parents whose premature baby drank cow’s milk-based formula and was later diagnosed with the intestinal disease necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Studies have found that cow’s milk-based baby formula and milk fortifier products—such as Enfamil and Similac—can increase the risk of NEC in premature and low-birth-weight infants. For more information, please fill out our contact form.

Current NEC baby formula lawsuits

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) lawsuits were first filed several years ago against baby formula manufacturers. Since then, additional lawsuits have been filed across the United States over the alleged connection between cow’s milk-based formulas and NEC in premature babies.

What is necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC)?

Necrotizing enterocolitis is a bowel condition characterized by repeated infections and inflammation that can lead to stool escaping into the abdomen. NEC is the most common gastrointestinal-related cause of death in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Though NEC is most common in low-weight (under 3.25 lbs.) and premature babies, it can affect other infants as well, including those:

  • Born in difficult deliveries
  • With high levels of red blood cells
  • Suffering with other gastrointestinal issues
Complications of necrotizing enterocolitis

20-40% of very-low birth-weight infants who develop NEC will require surgery, and 25-50% will not survive a bout with NEC. Babies who are successfully treated by medication or surgery may experience residual complications, such as damaged or diminished intestines that are less capable of absorbing nutrients. In severe cases, an infant may require a bowel transplant.

NEC symptoms

  • Swollen or bloated belly
  • Trouble feeding
  • Feedings that stay in the stomach for prolonged periods
  • Blood in the stool
  • Vomiting (especially green, bile-containing vomit)
  • Constipation
  • Ileus (interruption of intestinal movements and sounds)
  • Tender or red abdomen
  • Trouble breathing, such as slowed breathing or apnea (intermittent pauses in breathing)
  • Low heart rate or blood pressure
  • Low or unstable temperature
  • Fatigue

These signs and symptoms can present within days or weeks after an infant was fed a cow’s milk-based formula.

NEC Formulas

The two most common makers of bovine formula are Enfamil and Similac, but there are many others, including:

  • Avacare
  • Baby’s Only
  • Bobbie
  • Earth’s Best
  • Gerber
  • Go & Grow
  • Happy Baby
  • Holle
  • Kendamil
  • Lebenswert
  • Loulouka
  • Parent’s Choice
  • PediaSure

This is not an exhaustive list. 80% of all infant formula is cow’s milk-based. Generic equivalents of the name brand products also frequently contain bovine milk, and organic certification offers no protection against NEC.

If you are unsure whether the formula you used contains cow’s milk, contact Pond Lehocky Giordano, and we will let you know whether you qualify to file a lawsuit.

Protect your family.

Pond Lehocky Giordano is fighting to hold the makers of infant formulas that cause avoidable injuries accountable and to secure compensation for victims. If you believe your child was injured by a cow’s milk-based formula, please get in touch with one of our experienced product liability and medical malpractice lawyers today for a free case evaluation. Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, so there are no legal fees until we win your case.

Speak with an NEC baby formula attorney today.