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If you get hurt on the job, you are entitled to appropriate compensation for your injuries. That’s the law. Your compensation may take the form of a number of benefits, including: lost wages and missed work, medical expenses, specific loss, rehabilitation and death benefits.
If an injury, illness or disability keeps you from working, you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. Our expert attorneys will help you apply for your benefits and will be there fighting for you throughout the process. Contact us for a free evaluation.
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Founded by partners Samuel Pond, Jerry Lehocky, David Stern, and Thomas Giordano Jr., the law firm of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano opened its doors in July 2010 with six attorneys and only 22 total staff members. Today, as the largest workers' compensation and Social Security disability law firm in the region, Pond Lehocky boasts 12 office locations and over 200 staff members.



  • Pond Lehocky's Occupational Safety Series: 8 Things Longshore and Shipyard Workers Need to Know
    Longshore and shipyard workers help keep America’s maritime industry running strong, but their jobs can be difficult and dangerous. In fact, according to OSHA’s statistics, the injury and accident rate of shipyard employees is more than twice that of construction and general industry workers.1   Longshore workers are on the job in every kind of weather, depending on when ships dock or...
  • Veterans Affairs Benefits and Worker’s Compensation: What You Need to Know
    By Nicholas Liermann, Esquire | Veterans Affairs Accredited   Veterans are one of our Nation’s most cherished assets.  They have put their lives on the line to protect us at home and abroad, but for many veterans, the battle doesn’t end when they leave the combat zone.  Fortunately, there are programs in place to assist veterans who are suffering from physical or mental disability, such...
  • Why it Always Makes Sense to Seek the Counsel of a Workers’ Compensation Attorney
    By Partner David F. Stern   One of the most common questions I am asked in my practice is:  “I am getting workers’ compensation benefits; why do I need a lawyer?” It is a fair question but an easy one to answer in three points. 1. It levels the playing field First of all, many times the injured worker’s “adversary,” the insurance carrier or employer, has their lawyer engaged on the...
  • Eight Important Facts You Might Not Know About Workers’ Compensation
    By Partner Jerry M. Lehocky   You probably know that workers’ compensation provides medical and wage loss benefits if you get hurt on the job. But did you know you might be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits or a personal injury lawsuit in addition to workers’ compensation? Or that if you are a part of law enforcement or are a harbor worker, you can receive special payments...


Managing Partner Samuel Pond Speaks at Democracy Alliance’s National Donor Summit
Apr 07 2017
Managing Partner Samuel Pond was invited to speak as part of a panel presentation on day two of the recent Democracy Alliance’s National Donor Summit. The summit, whose theme was “A Time for Action,” was held in Washington, D.C., and focused on how current democratic efforts could be used to win key elections at the federal and state levels for upcoming years.   Sam spoke as part of the... Read more
“Some cures are worse than the disease”: Managing Partner Sam Pond and Associate Susan Nanes take on workers’ compensation “reforms” in their latest article in The Legal Intelligencer
Apr 03 2017
In their latest article for The Legal Intelligencer, Managing Partner Sam Pond and Associate Susan Nanes expose the underpinnings of the recently proposed House Bill 18 (HB-18), another in a long line of legislative “reforms” to workers’ compensation sponsored by Pennsylvania Representative Ryan Mackenzie (R‐134). A Trojan Horse masquerading as an attempt to reduce opiate usage, HB-18... Read more
Managing Partner Sam Pond featured speaker at recent Injured Workers Advocacy Program (IWAP) board meeting
Mar 28 2017
Managing Partner Sam Pond was featured as guest speaker at the recent Injured Workers' Advocacy Program (IWAP) board meeting in Philadelphia. IWAP is a non-profit organization created to provide services and support for injured workers and to advocate for their rights.   Sam called upon the board to take action against House Bill 18 (HB-18), a bill proposed by PA State Representative Ryan... Read more