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If you get hurt on the job, you are entitled to appropriate compensation for your injuries. That’s the law. Your compensation may take the form of a number of benefits, including: lost wages and missed work, medical expenses, specific loss, rehabilitation and death benefits.
If an injury, illness or disability keeps you from working, you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. Our expert attorneys will help you apply for your benefits and will be there fighting for you throughout the process. Contact us for a free evaluation.
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Founded by partners Samuel Pond, Jerry Lehocky, David Stern, and Thomas Giordano Jr., the law firm of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano opened its doors in July 2010 with six attorneys and only 22 total staff members. Today, as the largest workers' compensation and Social Security disability law firm in the region, Pond Lehocky boasts 12 office locations and over 200 staff members.



  • Pond Lehocky’s Occupational Safety Series: 7 things all commercial fishing workers need to know
    Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States.1 About 31,000 Americans are employed as fishers and related fishing workers, and they are subjected to hazardous working conditions, strenuous labor, long hours, and harsh weather. 2 Because there are limited seasons for catching particular kinds of fish, boats may go out despite unfavorable weather conditions,...
  • Workers' Compensation Myth #2: You Must Treat with a Company Doctor
    By: Jerry M. Lehocky, Partner   One of the biggest myths I see perpetuated in the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system is employers telling injured workers that they MUST treat with the company’s doctor. Nothing could be further from the truth; not only can you treat with your own doctor, but you should.   Consider the state of the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system:...
  • Workers' Compensation Myth #1: Your Insurance Will Protect You
    By: Jerry M. Lehocky, Partner   The dictionary definition of insurance is an agreement between a person and a company where, in exchange for regular payment from the individual, the business promises to cover costs in the event of personal injury, death, or of property loss or damage, or similar. Most of us pay into multiple insurance policies under the assumption that if we are the victim of...
  • Understanding the Process of a Defense Medical Examination (DME)
    by David F. Stern, Partner   Attending one or multiple Defense Medical Examinations (DME) is a component of nearly every workers’ compensation claim. The industry also refers to these evaluations as Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs); however, this is a misnomer. They are anything but “independent.”    Many of the physicians that perform these examinations do so on a regular basis. ...


Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders: Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano Attorney Kaitlin Files Grows Mentor Program for Strawberry Mansion High School Youth Court Students
Oct 16 2017
Pond Lehocky is joining students from Strawberry Mansion High School’s Youth Court this fall to continue an ongoing legal mentorship program. Developed by Associate Kaitlin Files, the program partners students with Pond Lehocky attorneys so that they can learn more about the legal system and what it’s like to be an attorney.   As an active member of the youth court movement in Philadelphia,... Read more
Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano Associate Susan Nanes Develops and Moderates Ethics CLE
Oct 10 2017
On September 27, 2017, Associate Susan Nanes moderated a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) event she created and developed, sponsored by the Philadelphia Bar Foundation’s Nonprofit Board Observer Program. CLE faculty included Frannie Reilly, Esquire, currently a solo legal practitioner focusing on corporate governance and nonprofits after nine years at Fox Rothschild, and two professors from... Read more
Pond Lehocky proudly sponsors the International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 5’s Fight Night Fundraiser for “A Lift for a Vet”
Oct 06 2017
Pond Lehocky is a proud sponsor of the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) Local 5’s charity, A Lift For A Vet. The charity’s mission is to buy and install elevators, home lifts, stair lifts, or wheelchair lifts in the homes of disabled U.S. military service veterans. The purchase, installation, and maintenance of the systems provided by A Lift For A Vet are free for... Read more